Our Wines 

  (Price is per bottle, 10% case discount)
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   2017 Locomotive -$18
   A r
ich, dry and fruity white blend with a nose of pear blossom and key lime with flavors of honey, papaya, and pear.

   2017 Rosé - $20
   Light and fruity summer sipper with juicy notes of raspberries and watermelon with aromas of rose petals.

   2016 Sparkling Rosé - $40

   Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes this dry sparkling is made in the traditional champagne method. Lively and dry with notes

   of wild strawberries, rhubarb and rose petals. A very balanced acidity that finishes with a hint of raspberry and candied orange

   zest.Dosage is 0.5% RS

   2017 Gewürztraminer -$15

   Apple, pear, and honey notes. A completely dry, traditional German white wine that pairs well with spicy foods and

   is refreshing.

   2016 Gewürztraminer -$15

   Luscious and silky notes of jasmine and ripe apricots followed by a hint of spice and a warm, smooth finish of peaches and


   Hopped Gewürztraminer -$22

   Spicy notes of ginger and cinnamon with herbaceous background aromas, and a warm, fruity finish of lime and lychee.

   2016 Pinot Noir - $25

   Just over 20 years ago this varietal started it all for the Bolton family. Aromatics consist of ripe strawberry with a hint

   of spicy plum. The pallet starts of soft and builds to a spicy finish that lingers. Not overly tannic or acidic.

   Meristem -$20

   Meristem is a medium bodied blend of our Pinot Noir and Syrah varietals from our estate vineyard. This

   predominantly Pinot Noir wine has been blended with merlot to lighten its acidity and add stronger dark fruit

   character. Makes for a great everyday drinker.

   Also available in large format - $37

   High Tension - $20

   This big, full-bodied red is a blend of our Syrah, Barbera, and Merlot varietals from our Columbia River vineyard.   

   Contains both French and American Oak barreled wine.

   2016 Barbera- $38.50
   Dark, fruit forward, full bodied red with notes of plum candy, bing cherries, caramel and a warm finish of cassis.

   2014 Syrah- $35 

   A smooth rich wine with round berry and pepper flavors. Aged in French and American oak. This wine is medium

   bodied and fruit forward.

   2014 Reserve Syrah- $48 - ALMOST GONE!

   Rich and velvety with notes of blackberries, vanilla bean, licorice and baking spices. Smooth and silky to the last drop.

   2014 Primitivo- $35
   Dense and rich with smoky aromas, bold flavors of blackberry, plums, warm spices and cedar. This grape is also known

   as Zinfandel and displays many of the same characteristics.

   2015 Primitivo - $35 

   Smooth, rich and spicy with aromas of cedar, fig preserves, and raspberries. Deep, dark and a perfect complement to any BBQ meats.

   B3 Vintage Barbera - $60 - Only 20 Cases Available 
   An exclusive blend, years in the making. Estate Barbera from 2015, 2016, & 2017. An opulent, jammy wine with a silky, warm finish.

   Red Dessert Wine - $28

   Port style wine made from Barbera fruit. Rich, smooth and decadent