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15 Mile Winery

"History & Hard Work in Every Bottle"



Lacey, Colter, & Julie

We recently did some Q&A with members of the 15 Mile Winery Team.

Enjoy reading a little bit about our crew, and feel free to ask your own questions on social media!

Thank you for reading!

🍷Q&A with Lacey Bolton🍷

First up we have Lacey, the organized, behind the scenes, spreadsheet master, better half of Colter, keeper of the scrolls (Julie’s words)
15 Mile would simply not “be” without her! Here’s a few insights into her world.

▪️What is your favorite part about owning and operating a winery? 
I love seeing my husband live out his passion. He is an amazing winemaker so watching him in his element and enjoying his craft with him is the best. I also love sharing wine with people. Connecting with people over a glass of wine and good food is what life is all about. Owning a winery makes it even more fun. 

▪️How did you and Colter meet? 
We met in high school and started dating when I was 14 and he was 16. Have been inseparable ever since. My friend in high school knew I had a crush on him and one day when we were walking past his locker she stopped to “tie her shoe” which led to Colter and I saying hi for the first time. The same friend now has her amazing art hanging in our tasting room. 

▪️What do you think makes 15 Mile unique? 
Our family. Start to finish 15 Mile winery is us (and Julie). Not many wineries have the winemaker in the tasting room pouring for you. He loves connecting with our customers and some of our best friends we met when they came into our tasting room for the first time. 

▪️What wine do you remember drinking that has stuck with you? 
The 2015 Barbera Colter made has been my all time favorite. Another favorite wine is from Small Gully winery in South Australia. Colter spent a harvest season there and we were gifted a bottle from the owner of their special Black Magic. It not only was an amazing wine but was filled with a lot of memories from our time there. 

▪️What is one of your favorite memories of the winery over the years? 
I just enjoy looking back to where we started and where we are now. Too many learnings to count and so much joy, fun and friendship. We have the best customers and wine club members who have helped us grow to where we are now

  • ▪️What do you like to do with your free time? 
  • What’s that? In all honesty we enjoy spending time with each other and our friends just relaxing. We work really hard. Between the winery, vineyard, my day job and 3 kids we are really busy but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Free time for us is best spent connecting with those we love. 

    ▪️What’s your favorite movie? 
    Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I love Jane Austen and period pieces in general. Huge Game of Thrones and Outlander fan as well. 

    ▪️What is your “death row/last" meal? 
    Oysters and Key lime pie from Trifecta, unfortunately they are closed now and you can’t get it anymore. 

    ▪️Where would you go if you could choose a vacation anywhere in the world? 
    Anywhere warm with a beach.

🍷Q&A with Colter Bolton🍷

Introducing Colter, the heart, soul, and face of the winery. (Also, the hands, feet, voice, etc..)
He does it all! 
Everything from crushing grapes, driving tractor, bottling, cleaning, blending, tasting, and pouring YOU wine on the weekends.

Get to know a little bit about the man behind 15 Mile…

▪️How did you get into winemaking? What influenced your passion for winemaking?
I helped my parents plant the vineyard as a kid. When they started having some wine made i was intrigued. My passion for winemaking came from me wanting to be creative and have a job that I could be hands on. I always wanted to be active in the farm. Winemaking was away that I could be active with it and pursue my passion

▪️What is your favorite part about owning and operating a winery?
100% creating something that people enjoy and hearing the feedback. I try and make wine for my customers.
We don't have our wines judged in competition or reviewed by publication. We make wine for the people!

▪️If your personality was a wine/varietal, what would it be and why?
Port. Full-bodied and knows how to party.

▪️How did you and Lacey meet?
Lacey and I met in High School. We've been together for 23 years and married for 15. 

▪️What makes 15 Mile unique? 
That we not only produce grapes from family land that was homesteaded over 150 years ago. We also produce and drink ourselves, the wine that we personally sell to our tasting room customers.

▪️What wine do you remember drinking that has stuck with you?
An Australian Shiraz called “Black Magic” produced by Small Gully Winery. It was a gift from the owners of the winery while I was there working harvest.

▪️What do you like to do with your free time? 
I enjoy cooking and spending time with my friends.

▪️What is your favorite movie?
Any movie with action.

▪️What is your “death row” meal?
Reverse Sear French cut ribeye and asparagus. 

▪️Where would you go if you could choose a vacation anywhere in the world?
Warm beaches

🍷Q&A with Julie🍷

Julie is our right-hand woman in charge of all things marketing, sales, wine club and our expert with food pairings and charcuterie.
Julie keeps us moving and is a mastermind in partnering with local businesses to create special events and packages for all to enjoy. 
Here’s a little look into her life:

▪️ How did you get into the wine industry?
I had moved back to the area and was just looking for a job part time while deciding my next career/school move. I ended up working at a winery and loving the industry. Working my way up from a very part time associate, to shipping manager, to tasting room & wine club manager, and then general manager. I love the industry because you get to be creative, there’s always something new to learn, and people are generally happy. You just shouldn’t be in a bad mood when wine tasting!

▪️What is your favorite part about working for 15 Mile Winery?
Besides the Bolton’s? They’re really the best people to work with…. I’d have to say the feel and aura of the business in general. It’s something that can’t be faked. Truly down to earth vibes with great, premium wines. The history that the Bolton family has in the area, and how the farm has morphed into new things over a century is really neat to be a part of too.

▪️If your personality was a wine varietal what would it be?
Mourvèdre? I like to think of myself as the behind the scenes, quiet but important part of a blend like a GSM, yet I can be a loud, boisterous person on occasion too.

▪️How did you meet Colter and Lacey?
I grew up knowing that Lacey’s mom and my mom went to high school together on the Oregon coast, but didn’t really meet them both officially until I went wine tasting during one of their first weekends open at the farm. My husband went to high school with both Colter and Lacey so we have a little history between us there too.

▪️What makes 15 Mile unique?
One of the things that stands out to me about the tasting experience is how it draws people in. It’s such a welcoming vibe, and a place where people become friends. The wine is unique because Colter lets the grapes do what they’re intended to do without interfering unnecessarily.
He doesn’t push a certain expectation of a varietal. The wine is really an honest expression of the terroir and the varietal.

▪️What wine do you remember drinking that has stuck with you?
I was taking a WSET class and in one session we tasted a Syrah from the Southern Rhone.
I remember the class being quiet when the instructor asked what we smelled. I yelled out “bacon!” It was one of those wines that made me realize that no matter what you think you “should” smell, or “should” taste, wine is personal. If you smell bacon say bacon, don’t be shy!

▪️What do you like to do with your free time?
Well as I’m writing this I am trying to diffuse an argument between a 5 year old and a 2.5 year old while eating cold pizza and feeding a baby. SO, I don’t have much free time.
But when I get to, I really enjoy cooking, trying new recipes, thrift shopping, filling my online shopping carts and NOT buying things, and lounging by a pool with a cocktail.

▪️ What is your favorite movie? 
Gangs of New York, but Snatch is a close second.

▪️What would be your death row meal?
Antipasto platter to start then Chicken Piccata with angel hair pasta and extra capers and tiramisu for dessert. I like to think in a previous life I was an Italian Nonna.

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